Essentially, we at Project Dog are just like you. Ordinary people who are crazy about dogs and want to help in any way we can.

Helping out with the care of the rescued animals is a very small but committed network of foster homes. Our volunteers work with extremely limited resources and whilst they do their very best for the many animals in need, we simply can’t help them all. For this reason, we work mainly with abandoned or abused animals and are not always able to assist with re-homing of pets. It also means that we re-home only in those greater Durban areas which have a dedicated volunteer. And that it sometimes takes us a little longer than we’d like to answer calls, respond to e-mails and tend to the mountain of administration that comes with animal rescue. We’re doing the very best we can with what we have, so we ask you to please keep this in mind and to be a little patient with us!

Each of our pups are inoculated and dewormed, and we ask only for an adoption fee of R500.00 to contribute towards vaccination and veterinary costs (or sterilisation if the dog is old enough). It goes without saying that any additional donations are put to very good use, and allow us to help more animals in need.

We focus strongly on the sterilization of dogs, ensuring that each female dog is spayed before they are homed, or if they are too young, an adoption contract is signed by the new owners agreeing that the puppy will be spayed at 6 months. We believe that this is vital in the prevention of unwanted litters which so often leads to the neglect and abuse of animals.

Please feel free to browse our site, see some of the lovely pups and dogs looking for homes, or visit our happy endings section to see just how many dogs have been given a fresh start in loving homes. If you’re looking to adopt a puppy or dog, you’ll find information on the adoption process and the requirements for adopting from Project Dog. Or if you’d like to help out, we have loads of information on that too!

We hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Thank you from all of us and our furry friends.

We are in Durban