A guide for children

All about your new best friend!

Some things that your puppy really likes:

  • Having his tummy rubbed.
  • Being brushed every day.
  • Chasing his favourite ball.
  • Running in the garden with children.
  • Going for a walk on his lead.
  • Visiting the beach or the park.
  • Cuddles and kisses.

Some things that your puppy doesn’t like

  • Being picked up by little children.
  • Being left outside on his own.
  • Thunder storms and very loud noises.
  • Being chased by children – he much prefers to chase you!

Some other things you should know about your new puppy:

  • He will chew anything you leave lying around, so make sure you put your shoes and toys away!
  • He isn’t fully house trained, so you need to take him outside to do his business often and make a big fuss of him when he does.
  • He runs very fast, so be very careful that she doesn’t get out of the gate.
  • He is really good at escaping and can fit through very small spaces.
  • He loves to be cuddled, but if you pick him up for a cuddle, you should always be sitting down. If you drop him, you may really hurt him (even if you don’t mean to).

The best thing about your new friend is that if you are gentle and kind and love him every day – he will be your very best friend in the world and love you loads!!

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