About Project Dog

Project Dog is a non-profit organisation that is run by a small and dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about the rights of all animals and committed to giving every dog the opportunity of a healthy and happy life.

We do this not only by means of rehabilitation which is most often implemented by the network of “foster parents” of Project Dog, but also in our care to place each dog not only in a good home, but in a home that is suitable for the personality of the dog.

As a pro-life organisation, we are committed to helping each and every dog that we rescue – regardless of breed, size or background. Each dog is treated with kindness and dignity until such time as we find “the perfect match” in terms of their new home.

Our organisation is funded, in the main, by the very same people who foster, care for, rehabilitate and re-home the dogs that come to us. For this reason, we are extremely grateful for any donation or contribution made to Project Dog no matter how big or small.

If you are able to offer us any help, please click through to our “Help Us” page for more information.

We are in Durban